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Linus Mixte In The Living Room

by Tom on April 4, 2011 · 1 comment

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For a few months I’ve been faced with the disconcerting experience of having Lyanda geek out on bicycles, seemingly out of the blue. This winter we’d be going about our business and suddenly she would say something like, “Do you know what Sheldon Brown has to say about proper seat height?” Or “Have you read Velouria’s latest post?”

The root of this unsettling collision of worlds lay in her quest last fall to find the perfect city bicycle for herself, a quest which, after many test rides, and lots of discussion, ended decisively with the Linus Mixte. Problem was, she settled on her perfect bike just as the rains set in and rumors began to swirl that there would be an even better Linus Mixte in March. An eight speed internal hub instead of three. Nicer components. New for Spring! And in the interim, I think she obsessed a bit, sitting home in her office dreaming of her mixte. Well, March finally came, and so did the mixte. The very first one the Dutch Bike Company received from Linus got built up promptly, and raced out of their door and in through ours.

It’s a beautiful bike, and Lyanda’s over the moon. (Though she did not think it was funny when my first comment was, “Too bad they sold you that scuffed one.” Repeated ribbings of, “Did you find the scuff?” were met with withering glares.)

Problem is, we hang my beat-up commuter bike outside in a small garden shed at the top of the driveway, a shed that is otherwise crammed with garden tools, a lawnmower, and a wheelbarrow. And it’s been raining, not the ideal weather for re-sorting the shed. So until we can figure out a better plan for a non-scuffing storage space, the Linus is in our living room.

I kind of like it there. It is an elegant bike, with nice lines and well chosen components, and it makes a modern counterpoint to our otherwise decidedly non-modern decor. And–other than the scuff– I think the Linus Mixte 8-speed is just perfect for Lyanda. Perfect to get her riding more often, to remind her why our neighborhood is called High Point, and to train her not to care!

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PS: Speaking of things I like, Kent is posting every day in April and his little meditation this morning, about how cycling occupies a special place that’s not-driving-not-walking, resonated with me. Click on over there.


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Henry June 9, 2011 at 10:55 am

Nice blog. Perhaps you could add a link to us on your side bar?

Cheers, Henry

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