Bikejuju is freedom at the interface of muscles and gears.

Campy bearingsBikejuju is the global bike-love blog of a West Seattleite named Tom.

Bikejuju is living to ride and riding to live. It’s bike art, bike style, bike films, bike design, bike adventures, bike characters. Bikejuju is knowing you can take it apart and put it back together yourself, with the tools in your pocket. Bikejuju is wheelies. It’s wondering why you’re in here when you could be out there. Bikejuju is seeing other cyclists and knowing you’re part of a tribe.

Bikejuju is bikes at work in Africa, bikes at play under the freeway, stellar bike infrastructure, more bikes than you can shake a stick at.

Bikejuju is old bikes and new bikes. Bikejuju is poking fun. Bikejuju is DIY. Bikejuju is cooperation. Bikejuju is bikes turning you on.


Bikejuju is based in West Seattle at the top of a hill called High Point for very good reasons. Contact Tom at juju@bikejuju.com.

Bikejuju emanates from a home we call The Tangled Nest.

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